About Us


We passionately believe that the products we offer are necessities in today's lifestyle. With new product styles on the rise, we are excited to share those fashionable trending products with you.

The Inspiring Truth

Hello - My name is Ron Thomas. Born in Bamberg Germany. My mother is full blood German and my Father was a US Soldier.  Raised in the military life style till entering junior high, I learned to respect people and always be honest with them. I started my flooring installation company when I was 18 and ten years later opened a small retail store selling flooring materials with professional installation. Since then, I received a certificate of achievement in the schooling of hardwood floor refinishing conducted by: National Wood Flooring Association. After years of doing this I had my first back surgery. I put my business aside and started selling floors for other local flooring companies and to be honest, this wasn't for me. My hobbies are: woodworking, building websites and being a drummer in a band with friends. 

After so many years in the flooring industry, it was time to put all that behind me and spend all my time on my dream, owning my own website business that offers trending men's apparel and accessories at affordable prices. It was time to bring my many years of retail skills to life, and in 2018, Wize Gyz, LLC was Born!

Our Products

Our current focus on selling popular and trending Men's Accessories like hats, bracelets and rings. Starting sometime in early 2022 we will be adding: gloves, belts, ties, sunglasses, watches, necklaces, wallets and much more, maybe some popular man cave items. Signup for our newsletter and be first to receive new items added, events, promotions, sales and discounted offers ahead of our ads.     

Our Vision

Wize Gyz is a name that means: a person who speaks and behaves as if they know more than others.  Well, that's NOT ME folks.  But, when it comes to a good price, I'll know it and pass that savings on to my customers.  With that being said, my vision is to escalate the site to carry a large variety of products in many categories that will make it fun and easy to shop here. Branding my name may seem far down the road, but with your help sharing my website to friends and family on your social media networks would help me get there.